FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) seems to have recently become one of the prominent influences in peoples’ lives, where you fear that others might have a better life than you. Whereas, JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) is when you have the joy of not having what others have – you feel content with your life, and are glad and happy to not have everything the world offers you.


Often people don’t realise that they have developed FOMO until their life becomes imbalanced. FOMO makes you want to chase what others have, and you are willing to compromise your balance of life for the sake of that. Unfortunately, social media has exacerbated this, making it difficult for many to set boundaries for their desires or to say “NO” to the temptations.

Some consequences include (but are not limited to):
1. An unhappy life

Some of my clients who have FOMO will usually show symptoms of unhappiness with their life, their relationship and their family. They will often focus on their “half-empty glass” rather than their “half-full glass”. Therefore they keep chasing after the next thing – a bigger house, a better holiday, better cars, etc.

2. Living with unnecessary pressures

Having unrealistic expectations will produce unnecessary pressures in your life. These pressures will take its toll on your well-being and your relationships, e.g. becoming anxious, depressed, burnout, missing quality time with your partner and your children, etc.

3. Becoming resentful

When you cannot achieve what you are chasing after, you will become disappointed, frustrated, angry, and slowly resentful. Resentment works like a “poison” that will ruin your life and your relationships.


Shifting your FOMO to JOMO will depend on your willingness to do so.

Here are some practical steps:
1. Re-align your purpose in life

What are you searching for in your life? Everyone has different ideas and goals of happiness. Ask yourself, what satisfies? Where can I find my joy? What am I living for? How do I want to live my life? Many are not aware that your happiness often comes from having a fulfilling relationship, or for others in spirituality, or when they contribute something back to their community, etc. When you re-align your purpose in life and find your true happiness,  you will find yourself having JOMO rather than being tempted by FOMO.

2. Giving rather than receiving

The joy in giving will help you stop having FOMO. Instead, you will have JOMO because your focus has now shifted to helping others rather than to getting more things for yourself. Try it out!

3. Making choice and decision

FOMO gives power to others/things to control your life. When you make the right choice and decision to be in control of your life, that will bring you JOMO.

Sometimes there are some underlying issues that you need professional help to enable you to let go of your FOMO and to find JOMO.