HAPPINESS – Practical steps to increase your happiness

Are you happy with your life? Are you searching for happiness? Do you know what makes you happy?

Surely every one of us wants to have a happy life. You might think “IF ONLY” I have plenty of money to pay off the mortgage, or for going on holidays, or to educate the children at a school with a good reputation, or to have a nice car, etc., and you work hard to pursue it. At the same time, you look at some people who have plenty of resources, like some celebrities, who have everything you wish to have, and yet they are still unhappy! You wonder why?

Well, we often pursue our happiness with material things, and therefore many believe that money can bring happiness. In fact, money does not necessarily bring happiness, but sometimes can become a source of unhappiness. Money gives us the power to spend, and the power to spend gives us, as I call it, temporary happiness. Once our resources or money are gone, our happiness goes too. We need to remember that we come into this world with nothing, and we cannot bring anything with us when leaving this world; we have to leave everything behind! So where and how can we find true happiness?


There are many things can bring us happiness. However, it depends on what, where and how you want to be happy. What makes people happy? 

1. Gratitude-attitude

Start counting the things that you have, rather than what you don’t have. I often say to people: “Count your blessings”, which can help you to have a more positive attitude in life and allow you to feel happier. So start naming one small positive thing each morning and night and see the magic of it as it impacts on your happiness. E.g. if you name one thing that you like about your spouse each day, you will appreciate and love your spouse more and more, rather than feeling annoyed with them.

2. Contentment

As you count what you have in your life, you will start to feel contentment and enjoy your life. To be able to feel content, one needs to stop and reflect on their life. Feeling content will help you approach your life more positively and become more productive.

3. Know the meaning of your life

Why are you here? What is the purpose of your life? What makes you do what you do, and what is it for? If you exist just for yourself, then, of course, your happiness will be limited. If your existence is to influence the world around you and bring a difference in your community by giving yourself, your time, your skills, etc., to others, then you will be happier because there will be purpose in your life.

4. Balance in life

Having balance in your life can help you to be happy. Self-care helps you to balance your life between different pressures, and to continue your future. Self-care can be in the form of doing what you like or what your passions are.

5. Relationships

Having good relationships with others, whether with your partner, family, extended family and friends, will increase your happiness.

6. Spirituality

Many believe that spirituality is the core of happiness, even though they might be experiencing hardship. Spirituality can bring peace and hope.

True happiness does not necessarily come from money or how much you have, but through your attitude, being content, having a clear purpose in life, having balance in life, and in relationships and spirituality.

In some cases, there are some people who have more complex backgrounds and need professional help to find their happiness. Contact us if you are unhappy, and we are happy to assist you.