Domestic Violence (DV) cases can be quite complicated and challenging to work with, especially with couples that experience DV in their relationship. How do we know which couples in DV relationships need to go to separation/divorce, or are better off trying to work on their relationship?

This training is designed as a continuum from Part I and Part II, and will give both beginners and experienced counsellors/therapists the opportunity to learn further about working with DV relationships.

Those who work with couples in DV relationships will learn:

  • how to identify whether DV exists in the relationship
  • the rules of thumb
  • the framework used in couple work in DV cases
  • when and how AVO is applied in couple work
  • when and how to conduct individual and couple sessions

 By the conclusion of this training, participants will:

  • learn the framework used in couple work in DV cases
  • learn how to use AVO with the victims and perpetrators of DV in couple work
  • have seen the skills demonstrated in how to engage perpetrators of DV and in couple work, and develop practical applications for therapeutic use
  • increase in their confidence to apply these skills in their own practice

* Prerequisites:

          Working with the Victims of Domestic Violence and

          Working with the Perpetrator of Domestic Violence