Domestic Violence (DV) is the term commonly used to describe various forms of violent and abusive behaviour which occurs between couples and family members, regardless of cultural and religious background or level of family income. Working with DV cases can be daunting and requires different therapy skills compared to working with non-violence cases. This training is designed to give both beginners and experienced counsellors/therapists the opportunity to learn:

  • what DV is and its cycles
  • DV and children
  • why victims of abuse choose to stay in the DV situation
  • what AVO is, when and how to apply AVO
  • what is DOCS
  • how to identify whether DV exists
  • the framework used for working with DV cases
  • the approach used when working with the victims of DV

By the conclusion of this training, participants will :

  • develop their knowledge of DV, its cycles for perpetrators, adult victims and children
  • learn how to identify DV at the earliest stage
  • learn the framework in working with victims of DV and how to help them in preparing and using the AVO
  • learn what issues to address with the victims of DV and practical steps on how to set up a safety plan
  • learn how to identify child victims of DV, when and how to report to DOCS
  • have seen the skills demonstrated in engaging the adult and child victims of DV and develop practical applications for use therapeutically
  • increase in their confidence to apply these skills in their own practice