Newroads Counselling provides Counselling for Married Couples, Unmarried Couples, Families and Individuals in a safe and supportive environment that is culturally sensitive to your needs.

You will receive professional and competent service and be treated with respect.
Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times.

Life is full of ups and downs

Are you going through some relationship or marriage difficulties?
Is your relationship/marriage at stake because of life transitions, affairs, addictions, work issues or parenting issues?
Are you at a crossroad or feeling as if at the end of the road?
Are you going through some life challenges at this moment?
Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

When life gets tough, don’t wait until it is too late! Seeking Relationship, Marriage or Family Counselling can save your relationship, marriage and family.

Remember that prevention is better than a cure!

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What we can do for you

We offer counselling for Individual, Couple, Family, Pre-Marital Counselling and
Supervision for Psychotherapist, Counsellors, Clinical Supervisors, Chaplains/Pastors, and Training.


Individual counselling services that we offer can help people overcome challenges and difficulties.

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Relationship / Couple / Marriage counselling helps couples develop a stronger & a more loving relationship.

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Family counselling facilitates family members to reach family harmony & lay the foundation for a happy family.

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We provide pre-marital counselling which is vital in helping a couple to prepare themselves before they tie the knot.

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We provide tailored supervision for Psychotherapists & Counsellors, Clinical Supervisors, Chaplains and Pastors specific to their area of work & clinical registration.

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We provide group supervision that will help you learn from other professionals & increase exposure to a variety of cases.

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Our Approach

Helping clients to understand themselves better
Working together with clients as a team to search the core of their relationship, marriage, family and individual issues
Helping clients with a new approach to their issues

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My wife and I attended regular marriage counselling sessions with Magda a number of years ago. It not only changed our lives but saved our marriage. Magda is the most gifted marriage/relationship counsellor we have ever known and we have since referred many other people for her to help. In fact, with young adult children it is our intention to send them to Magda once they are engaged, before getting married, to get a solid base to understanding their future partners. We cannot recommend Magda more highly.

- A Couple (A/M)

Magdalena has helped me to break the cycle of abuse in my marriage by showing me how to help myself. This relationship/marriage counselling has empowered me to move forward in my marriage. She always provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere for both myself and my husband in our sessions. The best thing I have done for myself and my marriage is to seek her help in the chaos that was my life. Many thanks to you Magdalena.

- A Female Client (S)

When it was suggested that we needed help or should see a relationship/marriage counsellor because there were some major problems in our marriage, I thought yep my wife is the one who needs the help!! Looking back now, I realise that with our fighting & arguments, combined with my attitude, thinking & stubbornness, I nearly lost everything that today I hold so dear. Without Magdalena's marriage counselling, teaching & guidance we would not have made it through to where we are today, in a happy loving & co-operative relationship... Thanks Magdalena you are one in a million!!

- A Male Client (P)

Speaking with Adele for counselling helped me but most importantly it helped my children.  Childhood trauma and a dysfunctional upbringing that was not rational doesn't help you function as an adult.   Adele helped me to look honestly at each situation with her crystal-clear insight.  To forgive myself which helped me to heal.  She helped me to see how looking at my past and finally speaking to her about it saved me from replaying it with my own children. Most importantly and precious to me was all the support she gave me.  That deep rooted sick feeling of hurt in the core of my stomach at last, would finally disappear knowing she was there for me and that she truly cared.  I will always appreciate her empathy, listening,help and above all just being a good human being.  It helped me many a times to get up in the morning.

- A Female Client (LM)

Newroads Counselling Team

Magdalena Liem

Magdalena Liem

M.Couns (Hon.), MA.Th., AdCert. Supervision (UK),

Clinical Registered Supervisor
Clinical Registered Relationship/Marriage/Family Psychotherapist/Counsellor

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Adele de la Harpe

M.Couns., Grad. Dip. Couns., Grad. Cert. Mental Health,
PACFA reg., ACA reg., ARCAP

Clinical Registered Relationship/Family/Individual Counsellor

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